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September 2020 Research Update

Posted: Sun Sep 27, 2020 9:59 am
by SfcFPA
Our research into the history of Southport Football Club stems from our aim to to help supporters new and old to recognise the contribution each and every player, manager, coach or official has made to the club, town and community.

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Lockdown continues to make things difficult from a research perspective however Mike has located former Southport Visiter editor Joe Moore’s notebook for the 1958-1971 period which has provided line-ups for the majority of the Northern Floodlit League and Floodlit Cup games, plus a number of the missing Lancashire Senior Cup and Liverpool Senior Cup games in that period.

Mike and I have also been able to make progress with the second world war period and we are now down to only 2 games where a full Line-Up is not yet available and we’re still hopeful we will obtain these in time. We have also been able to trace and identify more of the players from the war period and have a number of leads that we are able to follow to hopefully shed more light on our mystery men. Match reports for 80-90% of the games during WW2 have also been uploaded, and I’ll continue to add them over the coming weeks.

We had arranged to meet with Mark Iddon in the past week to pool and share research of the first world war period however due to the newly imposed local restrictions concerning social interaction we have had to postpone our plans for the time being. Were looking forward to being able to do this once the restrictions ease.