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Re: Telford Away Coach

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PortDan1121 wrote: Fri Jan 07, 2022 1:22 pm
Seano wrote: Fri Jan 07, 2022 1:36 am Out of interest, how much notice do you have the coach company before losing any deposit to them? / trust factor?
If im being honest. Its all credit to the coach company Don Fraser, that have been able to let us run coaches this season. Because unlike previously used bus companies, they actually understand football fans. The prices have been reasonable and make it affordable for everyone. They allow us to upgrade the size of buses (say if we get more people) at very short notice. The buses are all modern and comfortable, suitable for longer journeys and are all fitted with onboard toilets. This is the bus we typically use:
The company also allow us to do stops at services so people can get food, they all put a litter bin on every seat for the way there and way back. We usually have the same 2/3 drivers that are familiar with our group and no what the group are after. The coach company understand that games in this league can be called off at a seconds notice and are very accomidating of us.

So far this season we have done 10 games, including cup trips. Only one we missed was Spennymoor away first game. We have taken 343 people to games this season including places such as Blyth, Spennymoor, Brackley, Leamington with a decent following to all. And financially we are looking good and ready for the rest of the season, bring it on.

Brilliant news. Glad you’ve got yourselves a good company there. You all do a brilliant job so hats off to you all 👍🏻
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Re: Telford Away Coach

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Brilliant stuff - this season has been the most enjoyable for a decade and the support has been a big part of that.
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